The 6 Degrees of Separation Theory

Have you ever heard of the 6 Degrees of Separation Theory? In short, the theory states that you could meet anyone in the world with a maximum of six mutual connections between them and another person. This could be through acquaintances, friends, or family members.

Consider how easy it would be to meet your favourite writer, actor or famous girl-boss CEO. This may seem like a far-fetched dream to most but according to the six degrees of separation theory, it’s completely doable!


How it works


The six degrees of separation theory works with a formula that establishes the average number of people that every person may know, which is around 100 people. While in theory, you may have a tough time listing a hundred people, a simple scroll through your social media will soon prove otherwise.

Assuming that each one of your 100 acquaintances or friends is connected somehow to another 100 people, the total is increased to 10,000 people at only the second link. And within 6 steps you would be connected with 50 to the power of 6, or 15.62 billion people (keep in mind the earth only has a population of around 7.7 billion).

What’s more, in a recent interview with American astrophysicist, Neil deGrasse Tyson, an argument was made that the required steps have dropped to 4 degrees of separation, thanks to the power of social media.


It’s time to get networking!


So, even though you don’t really know most of those thousands of people (yet), they’re actually incredibly accessible by leveraging your current network and asking to be introduced.

Why not use the 6 degrees of separation theory to plot your networking plan? It’s a great way to establish interesting and profitable professional relationships. Also, it’s pretty entertaining thinking about how many relationships you need to be able to reach anyone in the world (we’re coming Sarah Blakely!).

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