How to take your Online Marketing from Basic to Pro Level

How to take your online marketing from basic to pro level Part 1

Part 1: Basic Online Marketing Tips and Tricks for Startups

By: Adbot
Edited by Xena

The online marketing world is full of marketing strategies for small businesses — it’s like a ridiculous buffet of options, so how do you choose what will work for you?

That’s what this post is for, categorising digital marketing strategies for you based on whether you’re starting out or have been at this for a while. Get your coffee and some sticky notes and pick your top three strategies that make sense to implement from today. Hint: action is the sweet spot for online marketing success!

1. Know your customer

The basics are more important than everything else that follows in this article, so don’t skip this part! Make sure you have well-researched clarity on:

  • Who is your ideal client and why?
  • What motivates them?
  • What problems are they looking to solve?
  • What are their spending patterns?
  • Where do your ideal clients hang out online?
  • How do you offer your products/services in a way that differentiates you from your competitors, and how do you make your target audience aware of this?

2. Engage with your customers

From answering the above, you will see which social platforms you need to grow your brand presence on and start getting a handle on how you do that. Don’t start on too many platforms at once! Grow them one or two at a time, then use the customer engagement data to inform what you do next.

Use your happy customers’ testimonials and reviews as part of your social media content! Customers love to check the reviews of others before buying.

3. Create content that speaks the language of your customers

Use all engagement with your customers as a basis for creating online marketing content for your website, newsletters, and social media platforms. A little planning doesn’t have to cost a fortune, but it can certainly help create one!

Create messaging that tells them about the solutions they are looking for in their terms, and make it relatable to your customer demographics, i.e. their spending motivations, economic status, seasonal considerations, etc. Repurpose content for all your various channels — regular blog posts on your website, newsletters (that includes links to the posts and products you’re marketing), push notification messages, social media posts, etc.

4. Optimise your website

Make it easy for your customers to find what they are looking for, and to find your business online. Do some keyword research and implement it into your website’s back-end for SEO. Fix any website pages and links that aren’t working, group relevant pages and products together, make sure your checkout process works smoothly.

Use quality images for your website, social media, and videos when showcasing products and services. Preferably, include visuals that have people interacting with it. It’s a psychology hack — people are more drawn to buying when they see how something works when someone else is using it.

5. Use free and low-cost marketing strategies

Use all the online free marketing strategies at your disposal.

  • List your business on Google My Business, local directories (online and offline).
    Participate in online forums such as Quora and Reddit to increase online visibility but don’t be salesy, just be helpful. Those who are interested will click on your profile links and engage with you from there.
  • Start a Facebook group or join a relevant one to engage with potential customers. Again, just be a helpful human, contribute value, and you’ll attract some customers soon enough.
  • Also, use Facebook live to get more engagement — people love the excitement of live interactions and demonstrations of a product or service.
  • Post ads on relevant online directories — it costs nothing! With a little creativity, you can definitely score some leads.
  • Work on building out your email list — this is more important than your social media audience because emails are one of the most direct marketing tools you have. It’s one of the best low-cost marketing strategies. For incentive, offer a small discount on their first order, or a valuable lead magnet that showcases your expertise while helping them solve a problem. Send newsletters, test offers, get customer feedback using short surveys, make the most of this tool — you have a lot to work with here!
  • Incentivise referrals and testimonials. Do your best to over-deliver and give your customers a positive, memorable experience from their first interaction through after-sales support, to convert them to loyal long-term customers.
  • Run helpful webinars and workshops to boost your network and create more opportunities.
  • Attend industry events online and in-person, and speak up to contribute what you can. Build relationships — it remains the best way to get noticed and grow a business.
  • Be a guest on podcasts and write guest posts on relevant industry blogs — this can take some more time but when used as part of a carefully planned PR strategy, the payoff is totally worth it.

In short, be a fantastic human and a brand ambassador for your company wherever you are, online and offline. Look for opportunities to be helpful (not salesy, ew), even if it means referring someone who turns out to not be an ideal customer for you, to a competitor. There are enough clients for everyone. Be generous and patient — you never know when the one person you help might send a huge deal your way.

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