How to take your Online Marketing from Basic to Pro Level

Part 2: More advanced Online Marketing Strategies for a Small Business

By: Adbot
Edited by Xena

In Part 1 of How to take your online marketing from basic to pro level, we discussed some basic online marketing tips and tricks that fempreneurs can start implementing to make their businesses stand out from the noise. If you’re ready to take your marketing to the next level, have a look at these more advanced online marketing strategies:

Tip #1: Combine different methodologies at the same time.

Start adding paid (low-cost) strategies to free strategies. For instance, if you’ve been using organic SEO-optimisation techniques, add paid strategies to that based on your data. Add Pinterest for additional SEO impact.

Tip #2: Combine different platforms to get your message out to a wider audience.

For instance, if you’ve only been marketing on Facebook and LinkedIn, explore posting to Instagram, TikTok and YouTube. You can do it on a low budget to test and see what gets you the best responses and conversions on which platforms, then gradually increase your budget based on those results.

Tip #3: Combine different media in your online marketing content and upgrade the production quality of your content as you are able. 

You don’t necessarily need to hire professional videographers and editors to test this out. Combine text posts with images, template posts, videos that incorporate current trends, reels, stories, and audio clips with images. Review the engagement rates after three months and focus on what works best.

Tip #4: Use professional copywriters and social media marketers to help you plan concise, sharp and powerful marketing messages. 

You know the old saying, two heads are better than one? This is a huge help because you can be so up to your eyeballs in your own business that it’s hard to see the special x-factors that stand out to your target audience. A fresh perspective from someone else can help to focus on the precise words your customers use to describe what they like about your offering and impact results accordingly.

Pro-level Marketing Tips for a Small Business

  • Use paid tools to save time and get more bang for your marketing buck. These tools can cover various aspects of your online marketing efforts, such as Google Ad campaigns, paid SEO, social media scheduling tools, helpful writing tools, and more.
  • Automate your Google ads by using Adbot. It saves you money and a ton of time by using AI to constantly improve your ad campaigns, making them more effective based on data.
  • Plan, batch- create and schedule online marketing content to improve consistency and focused marketing messages to your target audience. A day or two of solid planning around your marketing efforts for the next 3-6 months can contribute so much time-saving clarity, and it gets you and your team on the same page with messaging, ideas, strategies, goals, etc.
  • If your business has sufficient momentum and steady growth, consider running an affiliate marketing programme and/or collaborations with relevant micro-influencers to push it further. Collaborations have great potential for adding whole new markets to your target audience who have not been exposed to your offering yet.
  • Get a business coach — it’s worth investing in your own personal and professional development as it relates to business to get your mindset ready for the next level of success. There’s something powerful about spending money on having someone keep you accountable for the responsibilities that come with planning and achieving business success. Remember, without you, where would your business be? This is worth discussing in coaching — how to get your business to where it can run with as little input from you as possible!

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