A Community of like-minded Female Entrepreneurs.

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Access to thousands of female business owners across a variety of different industries and skill sets


Group 'share' sessions and webinars across a range of different topics, with exciting speakers, advice and insights


A dedicated feature that allows you to promote and sell your business and services


Everything you need to take your business to the next level. Articles, learning material, templates and more


Access to a range of mentors, depending on your unique business and personal needs


First of its kind, female focused, easy to access business funding aimed at helping you grow and thrive

Connect your inner Alpha.

Let’s face it, an active network is essential to your personal and professional growth. Enter Xena. No more awkward intros, cheesy events and selling yourself to the masses.


To make it easy, we offer a safe networking platform for business women to be themselves, to share their insights, learn from each other and care for one another.


Create your personal and business profile and plug into a secure network of bespoke products and services. By connecting with other female Alphas you can learn from them, share with them or just expand your network.


Ask anything – there’s no judging here. You are not only joining a community, but a support team of dedicated mentors, fellow alphas and funding conscierges to guide you through your growth journey.

Grow as a Xena Ambassador.

Our network is only as strong as the women in it. The Xena ambassador scheme aims to provide recognition and benefits for those who are contributing to the sustained growth and success of the community. Become an ambassador today!

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