A Community of like-minded
Female Entrepreneurs.

Connect your inner Alpha.

Let’s face it, an active network is essential to your personal and professional growth. Enter Xena.
No more awkward intros, cheesy events and selling yourself to the masses.


To make it easy, we offer a safe networking platform for business women to be themselves, to share their insights, learn from each other and care for one another.

Cliché alert… There’s no such thing as a stupid question – so go ahead, put your hand up, we’re here to cheer!


Create your personal and business profile and plug into a secure network of bespoke products and services. By connecting with other female Alphas you can learn from them, share with them or just expand your network.

Your next partner, mentor or soul-sister is one message away.


Ask anything – there’s no judging here. Don’t let the witchin’ hours rolling around with your thoughts strip your of your creativity.

You are not only joining a community, but a support team of dedicated mentors, fellow alphas and funding conscierges to guide you through your growth journey.


Know where you want to go. Create the room to get there by building your base and launching your business growth through convenient access to tools, services, coaching & funding.

Grow as a Xena Ambassador.

Refer new members to Join Xena and earn your Ambassador Badges.
Reach your 'Gold Xena Ambassador' status and unlock a free session with one of our esteemed platform Mentors.
Join the community and find out how you can level up or what rewards are behind each of the Amabssador badges.

Ask anything – there’s no judging here.

Don’t get caught up in sleepless nights, searching for the answers. We understand that entrepreneurship can be a lonely, demanding journey. Supportive female entrepreneur groups are a helpful means of encouragement, advice and practical help. But in an age when digital behaviour has come to dominate so much brand activity, an understanding and appreciation of community is helpful in other ways.

Understanding how a community works and what it needs enables female entrepreneurs to match their brand communications to changing trends and customer sentiment in the world in which their brand lives.

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