Black Friday Offers to Empower Your Business in 2023

As Black Friday approaches, entrepreneurs have the opportunity to leverage some incredible deals to enhance their businesses. From office essentials to personal development– it’s an ideal time to invest in your business as a fempreneur. Here’s a roundup of some notable Black Friday offers in 2023.

1. Waltons: Upgrading Your Office Space

Waltons is offering a Black Friday Price Glitch with substantial discounts on office essentials. Upgrade your workspace with office chairs at around 20% off and portable power stations and inverters for 20-40% off. Plus, save on refreshments like water and coffee with up to 40% off deals.

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2. Superbalist: Refresh Your She-EO Wardrobe

Superbalist’s Black Friday Showdown is a fantastic opportunity for fempreneurs to update their professional wardrobe. With up to 80% off on shoes, fashion, beauty, and homeware, this is the perfect chance to upgrade your style and look the part as a She-EO!

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3. Udemy: Time To Upskill! 

Udemy’s Black Friday offer is an invitation to invest in yourself. With courses starting from R149.99, it’s an opportune time to acquire new skills or deepen existing ones. A wide range of courses means there’s something for every entrepreneur, whether it’s digital marketing, financial management, or leadership skills.

🔗 Check out Udemy’s deals

4. Data Deals from Major Mobile Networks

South Africa’s three biggest mobile networks (Vodacom, MTN and Cell C) are rolling out long-running Black Friday deals. Offers include over 75% off on big data bundles and business Internet LTE deals. These promotions run from 7 November to 6 December, providing ample time to snag a great deal for your business communication needs.

5. Yoco: Streamline Payments with Card Machines

Yoco is offering up to 40% off on card machines and online payment solutions. This deal is ideal for businesses looking to expand their payment options and streamline transaction processes.

6. Takealot Blue Dot Sale: Office and Stationery Discounts

Takealot’s Blue Dot Sale features up to 50% off on office and stationery items. From printers to planners, this sale can help stock your office with all the essentials at a fraction of the cost.


Black Friday offers a treasure trove of opportunities for female entrepreneurs to invest in their businesses. Whether it’s upgrading office equipment, enhancing your professional wardrobe, or investing in personal development, these deals provide valuable resources at significantly reduced prices. Embrace this opportunity to empower your business and continue your journey as a successful female founder.

Remember: These deals are time-sensitive and subject to availability, so it’s wise to act fast to make the most of these offers!

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