5 User Experience (UX) Design Trends to watch in 2023

UX trends for 2023

When we’re talking about Customer Experience (CX), it’s all about creating no-fuss, memorable experiences for your customers. And what better way to stand out than to introduce some ground-breaking User Experience (UX) design trends into your business in 2023.

Hold up, what is UX Design? 


User Experience, or UX for short, is centred around the people that are using or consuming a specific product or service. Most commonly, the product we’re talking about is a software program, website, or mobile app, but these applications can also be used creatively in other areas of your business. In essence, UX emphasises a product’s usability and how you can make the user interaction as seamless as possible.


Why is UX Design Important? 


Ultimately, effective UX saves time and resources by ensuring that users can easily navigate and operate your product or service. Take an online store for example. If a customer battles to click through your website to ultimately buy a product, you may lose sales or need to spend unnecessary time and energy responding to customer queries. What’s more, people might get a negative or unprofessional impression of your business. 


5 UX Design trends you’ll see in 2023


Now that you have a basic understanding of what UX Design is, let’s explore some trends for 2023:




The secret to keeping customers satisfied is to make them feel valued throughout all the different touchpoints in your business, and that means staying on top of digital trends like personalisation. In fact, a staggering 74% of users say that they won’t engage with a website if it isn’t personalised!

This comes down to using first and third-party data to create a consumer focussed algorithm. Examples include using customers’ names in emails or web titles, or even personalising product recommendations based on their interests. 


Mobile Optimisation


Did you know that 54% of Google’s traffic comes from mobile devices? Unsurprisingly, in 2023 mobile conversion will become the top priority in e-commerce. That means you’ll need to ensure that your website, catalogues or any other online extensions of your business are 100% mobile-friendly. 




Look at some of the most popular software-based services and you’ll find that the likeability of their products can be credited to the detailed micro-interactions that users experience. Think about Netflix’s trademark “Dum-dum” intro-sound, or Instagram’s pink heart that pops on your screen when you like a post. Even Uber Eats have found a way to keep hangry customers engaged with animated loading screens that illustrate that their food is being prepared or that a driver is on the way. 


Motion Design


Let’s face it. A couple of years ago creating animations was a tricky task reserved for businesses that were able to contract 3D or motion graphic designers for the job. Even so, animations typically impacted site performance and app size. Now, thanks to recent innovation in bandwidth (we’re looking at you, 5g) and user-friendly design apps and libraries, business owners can access gorgeous animations to make their websites more interactive, all while maintaining small file sizes and quick performance.


Mixed- & Augmented Reality


Chances are you’ve heard a lot of talk going around about the fast-evolving world of Augmented Reality (AR). If this is news to you, have a look at our blog “The Differences between AI, AR and VR”. In 2023 you’ll notice more and more businesses working to combine more interactive and human elements into their online products, merging physical and digital worlds with the use of innovative technologies. 

Think face filters that help you to try on makeup, a 3D design app that helps you to play around with furniture options in your house, or even an e-learning platform that uses AR to illustrate science projects through your mobile camera. 

Yes, ladies. Customer Experience is about to get very interesting, fast! 

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