Rise and unlock the collective potential of the female economy by joining Xena, a community of South African Female Founders, Female-Led Businesses, Mentors and Leaders on a mission to grow together.


At Xena, we believe that every Fempreneur should have the space to connect with other women where she can enjoy early morning chats, late night FUN(ding) and growing her business inbetween.

We See You.

We know that networking can be intimidating. Growing your business can be a stressful, confusing and a very lonely place for women trying to make their mark. No time? Juggling work and kids? Need professional advice? Turned down by major banks for funding? Hustling? We See You.

Join Xena. Get Funded. Grow.

Xena serves the fempreneurs who – like us – want to leave a legacy and empower their family, friends and community. We are in it with you to grow your business, the economy, our country and inspire the women of tomorrow.


A mobile platform experience that provides access to a community of female entrepeuners.


Create your personal and business profile and plug into a secure network of bespoke products and services.


Build your base and launch your business growth by conveniently accessing tools, coaching and funding.


Through your growth, fund it forward – choose a cause close to your heart.

Being the Boss, but with an edge.

Plug into a network of Fempreneurs (like-minded women) who are here to listen, support, help and mentor.

Discover a whole world of insights and services to assist you in all aspects of your business: Access Funding, Build Your Network & Grow Your Business.

Explore Stories, Insights &

A vital aspect of growing your business is having access to the knowledge, inspiration and stories of fellow female business owners. By joining the Xena community, you will be able to tap into and contribute towards tailored content topics designed to accelerate your business success.

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